Advertising Facts


Times have changed!  Everyone knows that the internet has changed how business is done, especially real estate.  People used to have to wait until the newspaper came out to see what homes were for sale.  Or, they would pick up a magazine that was published once a month, which was already out of date by the time it came out.  But while the internet has revolutionized how people shop for real estate, have you noticed that it hasn’t changed the high fees that companies are charging for their services? Think about it, is there any way to improve upon the exposure that the internet gives homes today? The answer is, “Absolutely not!”

Today, people are searching homes online.  They rarely look in the paper, and they certainly don’t use old magazines that are out of date.  These methods are expensive and ineffective.  So exactly why are real estate companies still charging high rates to list houses?  The answer is simple; because they can get away with it because most sellers don’t understand how the internet has changed the marketing of real estate.  Most sellers still believe that real estate works just like it did in 1980, when 6% was the typical listing fee.  I’ll even confess that the first home I listed, I listed for 7%!  But that was the 1990’s.

There is a line of thinking that says, “You get what you pay for.”  You have probably even said that yourself.  And in most cases, that statement is true.  But not when it comes to real estate services.  Companies charge a high listing fee, and they may or may not advertise in the newspapers or magazines.  Most companies have been charging the same rate for decades.   The simple truth is that it does not cost 6% to sell a house.  You know that!  Just do the math!

At, you get more than you pay for!  We will still advertise your property for maximum exposure through 100+ real estate websites, but you will not pay the high traditional rate charged by the other companies.  Our advertising consists of the top websites for real estate including the MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and more.  We will even let you advertise it yourself if you want to, and if you find the buyer, that will save you even more money!  We even provide you a free way to do that through one of our websites.  See our Seller Advantage Program!

Things are changing in real estate, and is leading the way!