Don’t Pay 6%

Don’t pay 6%. Ever wonder why other Realtors charge 6% to list a home? The answer is simple; Because they can! Most sellers don’t know they don’t have to pay 6% anymore!

We are a FULL SERVICE real estate company that does EVERYTHING the other  companies do, and we NEVER charge 6%! With our discounted listing commissions, we have $aved our clients well over $2,000,000 in real estate commissions!

Here’s just some of what we do:

1. Research comparable homes to yours, both actively on the market and that have sold recently.

2. Prepare a comparative market analysis for your property.

3. Meet with you for an in depth conversation to learn the unique features of your home.

4. Visit with you in your home to discuss the home selling process.

5. Advise you regarding how to best stage your home.

6. Advise you regarding the optimal sales price for your home.

7. Provide all necessary documentation for the listing process and answer all questions.

8. Provide showing instructions to other agents based upon your specific guidelines.

9. Install a sign and professional lockbox that only Realtors have access to.

10. Install a sign rider specific to your home, so we can call anyone who calls that number to get the details on your home.

11. Take up to 50 photos of your home so we can enter the best 36 into the MLS.

12. List your property in the MLS where all Realtors have access to show your home.

13. Send you a copy of the MLS listing and make any changes you request to facts, details, or remarks.

14. Upload all disclosures, survey, and other documents into the MLS so agents can easily access them.

15. Feature your listing on the “Our Listings” page of our website.

16. Post your property to our business Facebook page.

17. Allow sellers the opportunity to find the buyer, and save even more off of our already discounted listing fee!

18. Provide you with the photos our photographer took so you can use them anyway you want to; on Facebook, in your email signature, Twitter, our free website, or anywhere else.

19. Place your home on, Zillow, Trulia,, Yahoo, MSN, AOL,  and approx. 100 other real estate websites!

20. Manage all showings and provide you with helpful feedback directly from the showing agent.

21. Keep in communication with you regarding the showings, the market, and your pricing strategy.

22. Receive all offers and inform you of all important details.

23. Advise you regarding how to best respond to offers specifically in your best interests.

24. Create an estimate of net proceeds for your transaction.

25. Negotiate all offers in your best interests and for your benefit.

26. Work on your behalf so you can occupy the property until the funds have been transferred to you.

27. Manage the contract process to see that all documents are taken care of, signed, and delivered in a timely manner.

28. Keep in constant communication with you so you stay informed of the contract process at all times.

29. Advise you in your best interests regarding any inspection issues that arise.

30. Periodically check on the buyer’s loan status throughout the contract process.

31.  Review the settlement statement on your behalf to ensure accuracy.

32. Schedule and attend the closing with you to answer any questions you may have, and ensure the closing is handled correctly

33. Oversee the transfer of the keys and the property to the new buyer.

As you can see, even though we offer discounted listing commissions, we still do what other Realtors do, and in many ways, we do MORE than what other Realtors do! Bottom line; Don’t pay 6%!

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