MLS Seller Savings

The bottom line is that will get your home sold and help you save a significant amount of money (usually thousands of dollars) in the process!

Most real estate companies charge a set fee of 6%.  That is how things have been for years, and they don’t plan on changing.  Our fee is ALWAYS less than that!  We provide FULL SERVICE  MLS listings, including all the major internet real estate websites, at a significantly discounted rate!  We will typically save sellers several thousand dollars, sometimes even more than that!

We also offer what we call an SELLER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM.  That means that if you find the buyer, through an open house or other means, we will do all the paperwork and represent you through the process for an even further discounted fee, thereby helping you save even more money!  We once saved a couple over $20,000 (compared to 6%) on the sale of their home with this program.  This is a standard part of our full service listing plan!

Call Greg at 817-440-SAVE for all the specifics on how you can $ave!