The Right Time to Sell

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The right time to sell. That is an issue many would be sellers are pondering right about now.  Have you ever asked yourself that question? Most sellers have. The markets around

Is winter the right time to sell?

Is This the Right Time to Sell?

Aledo, Burleson, Crowley, Granbury, Ft. Worth, and Weatherford are quite similar when it comes to housing sales during specific times of the year. There really isn’t too much variation.

The REAL answer to the question is either 1) When you NEED to sell, or 2) When you WANT to sell.

But the third answer, and probably the answer that most people want when they ask that question, is March through mid-November. If you are looking for the months when there are the most real estate transaction, then that is the right time to sell.


Cyclical Markets

Some real estate markets are quite cyclical. You find this in areas where temperatures are extremely hot or cold, or in resort areas, or in areas that attract a certain age group as well. However, in Texas, we don’t have a highly cyclical market like some areas of the US does. Our market is fairly even, but we do have some cycles to it, just not extreme cycles.


Our Texas Market

I find that the bulk of real estate sales in the local Burleson, Ft. Worth, Granbury, Weatherford area markets is between the months of March to mid-November. The high months are actually July through September. The worst months of the year in our market are December through February. If I had to choose the worst month of the year, I would choose January. Sellers do begin to list their homes in January, but the buyer’s wallets haven’t really recovered from the holidays yet, and they haven’t really started getting out to view homes yet, though they may begin their online search. And by the way, all buyers start their home search these days online.

It is important to remember that though the market is slower during December through February, there is also less competition in the housing market, and so what could be a negative, can also be a positive! Less competition means less homes on the market, which helps your home get more attention, and that’s a great thing! So if you need to sell or want to sell, you might not want to skip these months. Those months could be the right time to sell for you.

The real issue is not the market, but your timing. When is the right time for you to sell? That’s the time to get your home on the market, at the right price, and with a Realtor who can save you money AND get you full exposure!

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