Seller Advantage Program

Not only are we a FULL SERVICE real estate company, and not only do we charge a discounted listing rate for our full service program, but we also offer what we call our Seller Advantage Program.

Some sellers want to save all the money that they can when it comes to the sale of their home.  That fits right in with our mission to help our clients fulfill their real estate wishes and save money at the same time!

Under this program we give sellers the opportunity to look for and find the buyer for their property (while also listed on our full service MLS program), IF they desire to do so.  If the seller does that, they will save even more money than what our discounted, full service program offers!  There are several ways that the seller can market their home directly to the buyer:

  1. We provide a website that you, as a seller can list your home on for free (ByTexasOwner), along with all of the photos and details of your home.  You put your contact information on the site so buyers can contact you directly.  You can advertise this site in numerous ways to drive traffic to your home’s listing.
  2. You can hold your own Open House any time that you want to (IF you want to).  We will provide you with our professional open house signs to set up whenever you choose. Again, only IF you want to. You are still listed in the MLS even if you don’t do this.
  3. One way that homes are sold is still by word-of-mouth. If a friend of a friend of a friend contacts you about your home and buys it, you will save a huge amount of money! We still do all the paperwork and represent you through the process!
  4. You can advertise in the newspaper, or on Facebook, or anywhere else you want to!  You can even list the owner website in the newspaper so buyers can go there to views your home’s details.

These are just some of the ways that you can save money under our Seller Advantage Program! The idea is that if you find the buyer through your efforts while listed on our full service listing program, you get the benefit of an even lower commission, saving even more money! That means a further discount off of our already discounted fee! And you still get full representation!

Since this program is a standard part of our full service listing program, you may not put your own sign in the yard, or your own flyers in or in front of the house, but most all other marketing efforts are allowed.

Just to be very clear, this is over and above our normal FULL SERVICE MLS listing. It costs you NOTHING extra, but can save you additional thousands of dollars! You DO NOT have to advertise your property anywhere, or do any open houses. If a buyer comes to your first, YOU$AVE! It’s that simple!