Title Insurance

Title insurance insures the buyer against future claims upon the title of the property, arising from outside  parties. It is customary that the seller pay for the title insurance at closing. This insurance is regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance so the fees are set by the state, not the title insurance company.

Following are the typical rates charged for title insurance, as of June 2014:

$100,000          $875                         $500,000          $3091

$200,000          $1429                       $600,000          $3645

$300,000          $1983                       $1,000,000      $5861

$400,000          $2537


*This chart is a simplification of the chart adopted by Commissioner’s Order 2385, on May 1st2013, and is not to be used for specific title policy amounts. For specific rates for your property, click here.