What Buyers REALLY Need to Know!

1.  Buyers can work with any agent they want to because Realtors don’t offer incentives for buyers to work with them. (Until Now!)

2.  Any Realtor can show any home in the MLS, regardless of who lists the home.

3.  There are certain strategies that can be used to help you get a lower price on the home you buy.  We know those strategies and will use them for your benefit if we act as your Buyer Agent!

4.  When buyers commit to work with one agent, the buyer will get the best level of service.

5.  Sellers often believe their home is worth more than it actually is.  Their “home ownership pride” often mean a list price that is above the actual market value of the home.

6.  The seller isn’t expecting to get his asking price.  He wants to get “close.”  As your buyer agents, we will help you get under “close,” and get a good deal, again – IF we act as your buyer agent!

7.  Sellers get really excited when an offer finally comes in.  We can work this to your advantage!  With over 1000 transactions under our belt, we know how to get you the advantage in the process of negotiation.

8.  Bargains are extremely difficult to find.  Whenever a home gets to be well priced, it usually sells, so it never makes it to the “bargain” classification.  Therefore, look for a good value, not a bargain.

9.  There are not as many foreclosures in the area as most people think.  Most of them are not priced much differently than the average home, but they are typically in worse condition; oftentimes, much worse.

10.  If you ask for our Buyer Advantage Program before we show you properties, we will help you save money through our Buyer Rebate.  But YOU MUST ask for it.  It is a program we use to gain new business only.